Report a Minor Accident to Your Insurance Company

Report a Minor Accident to Your Insurance Company

It happens frequently: once a automobile accident with no injuries and negligible harm, the concerned drivers agree upon a settlement while not involving their several insurance corporations and minus the official police report. sadly, too again and again this arrangement simply doesn’t finish well.

According to the specialists, the sole method that you just may be assured that you just can get remunerated for the damages is to file AN claim.

Take the subsequent incident for a main example of the on top of.

I was minding my very own business as I drove down the quiet, rural street wherever my house is placed. Suddenly, I felt the force of a crash as another vehicle collided into American state from behind. I exited my automobile to look at the harm. To my surprise, the opposite driver – the one UN agency had caused the accident – was my smart friend and neighbor.
“Sorry,” same John with a sheepish smile.

“Don’t worry concerning the harm, i am going to beware of it in person. Let’s not involve the police or the insurance corporations. This way, {there’s no|there is no|there isn’t ANy|there is not any} risk of an payment increase, as usually happens once creating a claim.”

At the time, it did not occur to American state that there would be any drawback with this arrangement. After all, John and that i were friends, neighbors that met on a daily basis.

“Sure,” I responded. “If that is the method it works best for you, i am going to go beside it.”
Well, the story didn’t endwise a cheerful note. I got the rear fender mounted and sent my receipt to John, with no thought that there would be something to fret concerning.

I was wrong.

It’s been sixty days since the accident, and that i have nonetheless to receive recompense from John UN agency has no shortage of excuses and guarantees that the payment is returning…

The on top of situation repeats itself time and time once more once minor collisions.
Drivers, beware!

Even if the opposite driver is your friend, neighbor or a trustworthy acquaintance, there’s ne’er 100% assurance that you just can see payment for the damages he or she caused.

In AN instance wherever the liable driver doesn’t honor his or her financial commitment, time has progress and it should be too late to supply adequate substantiation in reference to damages and UN agency is guilty

Besides, the liable driver could betray your trust and report the accident to his or her insurance carrier. He or she could go even any with the betrayal by twisting facts and really lying concerning injury claims that ne’er were gift at the time of the accident. If this happens, your insurance firm could ought to ship out an outsized payment. it should additionally initiate a causa against you, additionally as forcing you to pay the rest of what the courts view your obligation once your insurance firm has reached the boundaries of your policy’s coverage. Lastly, you’ll be sure AN unpleasant premium increase.

Report a Minor Accident to Your Insurance Company

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